DJServicePack Workout Playlist (June 23rd, 2014)

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DJServicePack Workout Playlist (June 23rd, 2014)

Let’s get physical for a moment, DJs.

Fellas, you spend the end of your week and all weekend spinning in the club, getting the party right, sipping on liquor, and indulging in the party lifestyle. As I can personally attest, that life can take a toll on your body. We go to fast food joints for hangover food, lay around on the couch until we don’t feel like we’re about to die, and then get fresh and do it all over again.

Ladies, you know you’re always looking in the mirror, trying to find some minute spot on your body to improve upon for bikini season. I’ve personally never seen a woman spin records in a bikini, but I’m sure one of you out there probably wants to start the trend and build your brand with such a multi-faceted show. Or, maybe you just want get those muscles and out do the boys. Also…DJs…you have an advantage over the average Joe when it comes to working out: YOU ALREADY HAVE THE TOOLS TO CREATE THE ULTIMATE WORKOUT PLAYLIST.

Every Monday, I (@MattHasTheMusic) will be posting my workout playlist from the weekend, so that you can begin working on your fitness at the beginning of the week before you start gearing up to DJ later in the week. It will consist of random, shuffled tracks off my iPhone, because if you frequent this site, you know we are the gatekeepers of all music, and all of that music is on my phone. You can click track names to download them for your playlist (or your DJ set, since that’s why your on DJServicePack in the first place)

Welcome to week two of the workout playlist. I had to crank out some weights this weekend, so I needed those hard, bumping tracks to push me past my limits. Expect a lot of loud Meek Mill and some dubstep-esque build-ups.

Without further ado, let’s get warmed up:

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