Plies Explains Valentine’s Day Gift Giving Etiquette

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Valentine’s Day is complicated and stressful time for a man with just one woman.Let alone the player who has many women.Plies decided to jump on IG and break down the different levels of Valentine’s Day for those who like to play the field.“I’m here to motherfucking tell ya. If we done fucked more than two times in the last 12 motherfucking months, I’m motherfucking expecting something for Valentine’s Day. That’s point-blank-motherfucking period,” the profane rapper explains in a video uploaded to Instagram.Then, in another clip:“It’s different motherfucking levels of gifts for Valentine’s Day,” Plies says. “If you still in that motherfucking rubber phase. You still putting that mothafuckin’ rubber on when you getting that pussy, her gift can’t be over a hundred. It’s a hundred and under. But if you skin-to-skin, it’s the sky is the mothafuckin’ limit.”Listen to Plies speak on the holiday most men wish would just go away forever.

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