Que Dropped The Best Punchline of 2014 (So Far)

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When it comes to the top, most-quotable punchlines in the game, you probably gravitate to someone like a Drake, a Young Thug, or even a Nicki Minaj (it’s totally a coincidence that all of them are Young Money…I think). However, you need to slow your roll, because the Punchline King of 2014 is chilling right here in our DJServicePack home of Atlanta.

That man is QUE.

Mr. OG Bobby Johnson recently released his new single “Fuck Around” featuring Bankroll Fresh. The song details the usual swagged-out, ladies-man posturing often seen in rap today, but with the catchy creativity that got Que his deal with Atlantic Records. Watch the video for the track below:

Did you catch the GOAT-worthy lyric in the first verse? No? Rewind it back to the 1:20 mark and listen again:

“I like the pussy bald head pink, like Caillou”

You might be looking at that like “What? What does that even mean? What is a Caillou?”

Well, Caillou (pronounced Kai-yuu), is a CHILDREN’S TV CHARACTER. A 4-year old CHILDRENS TV CHARACTER. His show comes on the Sprout channel, created for young toddlers. The show originated in Canada, airing from 1997-2010 (America currently has re-runs of this assumed classic. Why else would Que rap about it?) Take a look at him:



If your girl’s privates are as bald as that head…I salute you. That’s a clean cranium right there. That’s a basketball head. In fact, the word Caillou is a french word for “pebble” or “stone”. Those two objects, of course, having no hair. Bald head.

Toddlers are chilling in their cribs, teething, watching this kid learn and teach them about life as they recite ABC’s trying to waddle around the living room. Meanwhile, you’ve just listened to Que’s new single, you see little homie here on-screen, and the game has completely changed. You have to call your child’s mother in the room and inform her of the goal she must have. Be like Caillou.

Que’s lyrical revelation may arguably be the best use of children’s programming in a lyric since the “Blues Clue/Red Clue” masterpiece laid upon our ears by Drake in “Ransom“. You could even make the argument that it’s a better line, considering you need to have that niche understanding of Canadian television shows for babies.

If you’re trying to download Fuck Around by Que and Bankroll Fresh, and really why would you not be, you can click here to download Fuck Around. Witty punchlines are what keep your listeners glued to the music, Mr. (or Miss) DJ, and Fuck Around has that. That, combined with a dark, plodding beat from Sonny Digital, and you have a hit that can storm the clubs from Atlanta to Zanzibar.

Matt Tompkins, aka @MattHasTheMusic

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