Troy Ave – BAD ASS (Joey Badass Diss) 

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Does he take it too far? You be the judge

Joey Badass recently downplayed Troy Ave’s record sales by claiming his friend and fellow Pro Era member Kirk Knight out-sold the Brownsville native.

Well, if you know anything about the BSB leader, that isn’t something to do if you don’t want a response. And that’s what he just gave Badass. In his newly released song appropriately titled “Bad Ass” Troy strikes back. It’s effectiveness? Questionable.

“You’s a filthy backpack rapper out a thrift shop, drug addict face, what’s on your junky head,” asks Troy on the diss track’s first verse. He also questions multiple times what he’s done but then follows up that he doesn’t care. He even says deceased Pro Era rapper Capital STEEZ can “burn in hell.”

After the song was released, Troy Ave hopped on Instagram and defended his attacks, sort of. He also condemned the act of committing suicide and called it “WEIRDO $HiT.” View all relative media below.



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